Thought we would stop at panels, performances, an Arts & Tech Expo and a hackathon? Nope. This year at Hacking Arts we have a number of additional workshops and events you can attend as well (and we know you will want to). Some of these require you to sign up due to limited space, so don't miss out sign up now! (You must be a conference ticket holder to attend these events). 


Concepts of Electronic Music Production

No this wasn't a merge field error, this workshop takes a look at some of the cornerstones of electronic music production. Starting with a brief look at the user interface of Ableton Live, we'll move to making some basic musical ideas by combining audio loops. Then you will take it a step further by cutting it up one of those loops into separate sounds and rearranging those sounds to create your own original musical idea. Finally we will introduce MIDI and some synthesizers that are built into Ableton Live to design a sound from scratch to add into your arrangement! Hi there, DJ!

Where and When? Sat Nov 11, 7-8:30pm, @mmmmaven, 614 Massachusetts Ave #203, Cambridge, MA 02139

This event is limited to 30 people so sign up now! (sign up form sent to conference ticket holders via email)


The Current State of Fashion: Pop-up Embassy at MIT

What if fashion was a state? What kind of state would it be? Probably not a democracy. A state with no dictator, but with a population all too eager to enact the decrees of its aesthetic superiority. The Current State of Fashion opens a pop-up Embassy at MIT where you can apply for a passport. We know you want to be one of us. Everybody wants to. Apply now. Because you’re worth it.

Where and When?  Sat, Nov 11, 1-3pm, 6th Floor, MIT Media Lab


One Last Ride

A site-specific performance staged in a moving vehicle, One Last Ride uses the familiar platform to imagine one last day on the road before we all hand over the keys to driverless technology. Written by MJ Halberstadt, a playwright and educator with a crush on Antarctica. He is a proud Huntington Playwriting Fellow, and recipient of the Elliot Norton Award for “Outstanding New Script” (The Launch Prize).

Where and When? Sunday Nov 12, 1pm - 6pm (Various times), 6th Floor, MIT Media Lab