Problem Statement

You are a team of entrepreneurs who want to change the world through technology and the arts. Design and/or create a prototype that enhances the arts, improves access to the arts, or uses the arts. Be prepared to present to a team of judges and convince them why your hack is going to disrupt an industry.

Your Hack should addresses at least one of the following (bonus points for addressing more than one!):

  • Dance and Digital Media: Express or aid intangible physical environments and the imaginative.

  • Remixing our Senses: Alter how we experience each other and the real world around us.

  • Made to measure: Fashion in the 21st century: Design and/or implement an example of the future of fashion (examples include the application of 3D printing, laser cutting, sensors, and advanced textiles to fashion garments and accessories).

  • Taking virtual storytelling to the next level: Use techniques and technology to make storytelling more immersive and interactive. Storytelling includes, but is not limited to, film, audio, and video games.

  • Play, perform, participate: Access and interact with artistic productions and technological objects through play, performance, and participation.

  • From bits to hits - The changing music industry: Transform the way we listen to music, change the way music is distributed, or change how creators are compensated

  • Tools for creatives: Create a tool for making, for learning, for funding, for connecting, for sharing, or more!

  • Biotech and art: Use the micro-scale world.

Judging Overview

Your project will be judged based on the following four criteria:


Overall Quality of the Idea and Delivery

Project addresses problem statement, is innovative, and is communicated effectively.

Creativity / Use of the Arts

Project has high creativity, design and originally with strong ties to the arts. Arts includes but is not limited to: print, architecture, gaming, VR, digital design, music, dance, theater.

Technical Maturity

Project has a high level technical maturity. Examples of how this can be achieved are: sophistication of implementation, working prototype, integration of hardware and software, and/or diverse use of APIs endpoints.

Impact and Business Viability

Project is a viable business idea (for profit or nonprofit) and could potentially disrupt or significantly improve the particular aspect of the world in question.


Hacking Arts Best Overall Hack

Best Overall Hack (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) is awarded to the team who achieves the highest overall score, indicating an innovative, creative, original, and impactful idea that is a viable business and well presented.

Branded Challenge Prizes

Additionally, there will be two sponsored prizes by Adobe and Autodesk. There is more information on branded challenges here


  • $1,000 American Express Giftcard to the winning team ($200/person)
  • Each member of the winning team will receive 12-Month Free Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription ($260/yr)
  • Mention winning team across social channels, AdobeStudents Instagram and Facebook


  • $2500 cash prize


Hackers Choice

Based on vote from the audience audience.



Team formation

Once your team is complete, register it here



Time: Sunday 8:30am-10:30am
Participants: Mentors and all Hackathon Teams
Location: Multipurpose room and Silverline Skyroom

Each team will have two minutes for a lightening round “pitch practice” with mentors, who will provide feedback.



Time: Sunday 11am
Participants: All Hackathon Teams

All teams must upload their project to Devpost and their code to a github repository to be considered for judging.



Time: Sunday 11am-1pm
Participants: Mentors and all Hackathon Teams
Location: Multipurpose room and Silverline Skyroom

Each team will have two minutes to present their project to a group of mentors. Mentors will evaluate projects according to the rubric provided and the top ten teams will be selected as finalists. Teams will sit at assigned tables and groups of mentors will go from table to table.

For all teams that indicated they wanted to be considered for a branded challenge, they will do an additional pitch to the Adobe and/or Autodesk sponsors. Winners of the branded challenge are guaranteed a spot in the final 11 teams. Branded challenge winners will be announced after final presentations.



Time: Sunday 2pm-4:30pm
Participants: Judges and Hackathon Team Finalists
Location: Multipurpose room

Final teams will have 3 minutes to present, followed by 2 minutes of Q&A. After presentations, judges will deliberate to determine top three teams. At this time, we will open up voting for the “Hackers’ Choice Award”.

After deliberation is complete, the judges will announce all the awards. Awards are cumulative, meaning you could win the Hackers’ choice, a top three spot, and a branded challenge.