Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences. Our creative, marketing and document solutions empower everyone — from emerging artists to global brands — to bring digital creations to life and deliver them to the right person at the right moment for the best results. At Adobe, we believe that creativity is the catalyst for positive change. We’re driven to inspire creativity in people who want to make a meaningful impact — on education, our environment, our communities and the world at large.

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Alex Denniston

Alex spent the last 8 years as a mechanical engineer working in product development bringing innovative concepts off of the napkin and into reality. He’s facilitated brainstorm sessions in Belgium about beer, toured factories in China to kickoff manufacturing, built pancake machines, and had intimate conversations with people struggling to lower their blood pressure. Throughout it all he’s witnessed the value of an iterative, need-focused approach and a strong willingness to always question the question.

As any creator knows, the most disappointing fate to bestow any effort you've poured your heart into is creating a great solution to a problem nobody has. This prompted the transition from working on the "how" solutions are realized, to "why" they should be developed in the first place.

An ardent believer in the power of context, Alex is now passionate about helping organizations find the overlap between the abilities and objectives of their business and the needs of their customers. His background as a mechanical engineer allows him to apply the same objective rigor of scientific curiosity to dig deeply into the seemingly disparate behaviors of consumers. This process uncovers and articulates their needs to inform design and guide the development process.



Autodesk makes software for people who make things. If you’ve ever driven a high-performance car, admired a towering skyscraper, used a smartphone, or watched a great film, chances are you’ve experienced what millions of Autodesk customers are doing with our software.

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Aware Chair

The goal of Aware Chair is to help return our focus to our physicality using humor and mischief. There are two parts to the project: the chair and the mouse. The chair responds to poor posture by abruptly shifting and changing it's form – literally forcing the person sitting off the chair. The mouse reacts to poor posture by obscuring the computer screen. Each is, in its own way, a non-traditional method of information visualization. 

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Good Boy, Sammy

Good Boy, Sammy is an interactive hologram experience, where the user can interact with a holographic dog (holo-dog) and get him to do tricks on command.

Hacking Couture

I'm Giana Pilar González a New York based Panamanian artist and entrepreneur. I develop both research and process based artwork and have a design consultancy focusing on experience design and strategy focusing on design and fashion. For the last 10 years I've been working on Hacking Couture an experimental art project that enhances creativity, collaboration and re-defines the way we experience and consume fashion by applying the concepts of open source to fashion. 

Hire Notes

Hire Notes is the musicians' booking platform. On web and mobile, musicians manage booking workflow, expedite payments, source performances, and network with our community of >600 musicians who range from students to Grammy nominees. Consumers can find and hire musicians with a click, through our partner schools which include the New England Conservatory, and even by using a text messaging bot.

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Jibo is a social robot and platform for developers to build skills (robot applications) that leverage the power and creativity of social robotics. Jibo hears, sees, relates and interacts. No other platform has this construct of personality. Through the Jibo SDK developers have lower level access to Jibo’s audio processing, visual processing, persona and interaction, and movement capabilities. This gives developers the tools to build a wide range of Jibo Skills (robot applications) for personal enjoyment or as a business opportunity. 

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KG projects

KG projects redefines a fashion collection with a seamless digital experience to achieve an immersive and interactive storytelling experience. The goal is to help designers extend their self-expression orbit and touch their consumers on an intimate level.

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MuSyC: Music, Synaesthesia, Colour

MuSyC is a project which aims at building a music to colour synaesthesia visualizer by taking auditory stimuli and transforming this into real time visual feedback. In the current prototype, MuSyC is responsive to auditory amplitude, pitch and frequency.

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The world's first augmented reality speed climbing game.

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Rendever is an MIT company that takes a human-centered design approach, applying the latest MIT research to deliver affordable, customized virtual reality experiences for people who receive and provide eldercare.

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Roots Studio

Roots Studio offers limited edition, unique art prints in partnership with artists in rural India.

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Shapeways is a creative community of makers, designers, and entrepreneurs using digital manufacturing (3D printing) to bring their ideas to the physical world. Designers can use Shapeways to manufacture products with complex designs in over 58 different high-quality materials—enabling people to expand their limits as designers and makers.

The Shapeways Marketplace allows our creative community to explore entrepreneurship and inspire others to do the same. It’s also a treasure trove for discerning shoppers that value supporting independent designers. Come explore the whole new world of creativity enabled by the digital manufacturing era. Shaping the future in infinite ways. 

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Christen Lien is a provocative composer and performing artist. Her original compositions primarily on viola represent her passion for challenging the status quo, and a call to action for all who are willing to listen.

Expanding on her professional background in film, communications and non-profits, Christen is a full-time artist forging a new business model. It centers on community building, leveraging shared values and digital tools around the kind of music that moves people to transform not just themselves but also broader society.

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Soundtrap is the first cloud-based audio recording platform to work across all operating systems, enabling users to collaborate and create music and audio anywhere in the world. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, the company also has an office in Silicon Valley. Soundtrap provides an easy-to- use music and audio creation platform for all levels of musical interest and abilities, and is being used by the K-12 through higher-education markets.

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sub-Q Magazine

sub-Q Magazine is a literary magazine for interactive fiction. We seek to promote choice-based storytelling by publishing and paying innovative authors as well as getting involved in the interactive and publishing industry through interviews and collaboration.

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the Kokon

The Kokon is a multisensory hanging environment that uses 6 senses to reduce stress levels and induce the physiological state of relaxation.

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Whoa Board

Open prototyping for wearable electronics.

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Transform geometric objects and voxel-based models into 3D-printable G-code instructions.

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Not a Piece of Meat is fundamentally not a piece of meat. In fact, it is 29 slices of acrylic. Each piece is engraved with a error-diffusion dithering pattern generated from an MRI scan of my brain. In combination, these slices form a 1:1 scale model of my favorite piece of meat, floating in space, and illuminated by a base of LEDs.

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Interactive VR display.

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In this immersive listening experience, electroacoustic sculptures engage participants in a wash of sounds, creating a sonic oasis amidst an urban climate. Algorithms within the sculptures create magnetic fields to induce vibration in metal and wood, generating resonance and soundwaves from digital logic.

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