Perception Neuron

Perception Neuron by Noitom is the world's most versatile and affordable motion capture system accessible to creators of all kinds for animation, gaming, VFX and performance/entertainment.


Reallusion iClone

Visualize real-time interaction and motion between a live actor and 3D characters using a single workstation. Live capture face and body with iClone and anyone can animate and tell stories.

Museum of Funny Ladies

The Museum of Funny Ladies, A Museumette is an immersive exhibit that transports visitors to the 1970s writers room of pioneer comedy writer Sybil Adelman. By interacting with objects in the space, you can experience her story as a groundbreaking writer navigating the male-dominated writing world of that era.



Cherrystems revolutionizes mobile music creation by empowering musically inexperienced users to easily craft compelling tracks with nothing more than their phone and imagination.



invisaWear creates smart jewelry and accessories that allow users to instantly contact friends, family, and police during an emergency.


Phiar One

At Phiar, we combine our cutting-edge innovations in deep learning artificial intelligence and augmented reality into a new form of vehicle navigation platform, to enhance driving safety, facilitate more intuitive wayfinding, and connect drivers with their surrounding environments.

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Lumii Light Field Print

Lumii uses AI scale computation to create hologram-like floating 3D images using standard printers and presses. Our goal is to bring the explosion of 3D content available online off the computer screen and into the real world.

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“Dreamers” is an interactive art installation that dissolves the line between the virtual and dream worlds. Users and painting objects become the adventurers, dreamers, and manipulators exploring the imaginative place.


Hacking Couture

Founded in 2013, TEOSANTOS is an experimental design laboratory of creative and novel ideas based of Brooklyn, New York. Teosantos operates with experiments and inquisitive play where ideas, art, self-­expression, identity and commerce collide. This intersection generates strategies and processes that produce daring concepts, experiences, tools and products, which focus on engaging audiences in inquiry and imagination.



Borderline is a MIT-undergraduate student group creating community-based art work with a technological twist. The Borderline project consists of painted murals in the MIT tunnels with an augmented reality app that overlays animations onto the murals


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 The Tech Expo is designed to showcase artwork exploring the intersection of technology and art, and products/projects/ideas created by companies in the creative industries. It is meant to be inspirational and thought-provoking, encouraging conference attendees to think about the future of visual art, design and technology. 

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