Holladay Brothers 8:20PM

Ryan Holladay is an American artist and co-founder of The Holladay Brothers, a music and technology duo creating site-specific sound installations, interactive concerts and GPS-based compositions for sites across the country. A graduate of NYU, he is based in Los Angeles, California.

Christen Lien

Christen Lien is a rising performer and storyteller, composer, recording artist, and entrepreneur who has recently performed for the White House Summit on the United State of Women, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Forbes 30 under 30, Summit, Unreasonable, and the Nexus Global Youth Summit. Christen Lien's provocative compositions, hypnotic performance style, and entrepreneurial business approach all reflect her passion for challenging the status quo. Through her art she seeks to support her fans to process the complex and oftentimes dark emotions that oppress individual potential and hold back collective power. As an entrepreneur in a disrupted industry, Christen decided to hack a unique pathway forward by raising capital in order to control creative development and branding, retain ownership of her masters and broader IP, and build out her business infrastructure.


Hire Notes is the musicians’ booking platform. Hire Notes simplifies concert management and expedites payments, with a performance dashboard, a performer network, and website plugins. When they graduated from music conservatory, founders saw how tough and broken bookings can get for musicians. They picked up coding and tech skills to build the platform. In beta, booking revenue crossed $100K, growing 30% monthly, with musicians ranging from students to Grammy nominees. Recent partners include the New England Conservatory, San Francisco Conservatory, and the Aspen Music Festival and School. Learn more at or by texting 252-3HN-OTES.