In fashion and the fashion industry, technology can and has broken down barriers to allow greater participation and engagement. In other words, fashion plus technology can grant outsiders citizenship, a DIY kind of citizenship. DIY, or do-it-yourself, connotes a sense of independence as well as a break from traditional avenues to access or achieve something. And citizenship, increasingly relevant and significant in an ever-globalizing world, can no longer be treated simply as a belonging to a given nation state. Rather, it should be understood as full inclusion in a community with all the (in)tangible rights that such membership entails.

Within the context and possibilities of enmeshing fashion with technology, these panelists show that by “shaping, changing, and reconstructing selves, worlds, and environments in creative ways can challenge the status quo,” fashion has the ability to inspire “participatory engagement and world-making” (Ratto and Boler 2014: 5, 8).



Carly-Ann's work experience spans from established  fashion companies such as Tommy Hilfiger and Saks 5th Avenue to start-up brands such as Nahm. She is a member of the Selection Committee and Advisory Board for the 2017 inaugural CFDA and Accessories Council Elaine Gold Launch-Pad and the co-founder of the award-winning Fashion & Diversity series at the New School. Carly-Ann has been featured on, WWD and Vogue Italia and was a featured speaker at the 2017 CFDA Education Summit and the 2017 Women in Innovation Forum. She serves as the Program Director at retail tech accelerator XRC Labs. Carly-Ann earned her MA in Fashion Studies from the Parsons School of Design.


kenya wiley

Kenya Wiley is Founder and CEO of the Fashion Innovation Alliance, working with leaders in fashion, beauty, and technology on public policy, inclusion, and innovation for fashion tech and beauty tech.

Kenya previously worked for the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), where she led MPAA’s inaugural academic outreach program and provided legal and strategic advice on intellectual property and technology issues. She has also served as Counsel and Senior Policy Advisor for the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

Kenya currently chairs the ASTM Data Security Task Group for Smart Textiles. Kenya received her B.A. in Psychology from Stanford University and her J.D. from the Georgetown University Law Center. Kenya is admitted to the DC Bar and the Illinois State Bar.



Jay Adams is a cofounder of Brass, an online clothing brand devoted to helping women build a better wardrobe.

Brass is mission-driven, built on the belief that the less women worry about their appearance the more energy we have for things that really matter. We design our collection with this philosophy in mind and guide women to craft a foundational wardrobe, filled with high-quality pieces that allow you to get dressed with ease. Brass was founded in 2014 and is based in Boston.

Otto von Busch.JPG

otto von busch

Dr. Otto von Busch is Associate Professor of Integrated Design at Parsons School of Design and the point person for the minor in Alternative Fashion Strategies.

In his research, he explores the emergence of a new hacktivist designer role in fashion, where the designer engages participants to reform fashion from a phenomenon of dictations, anxiety and fear, into a collective experience of empowerment and liberation. In such practice, design and craft is reverse engineered, hacked and shared among many participants as a form of civic engagement, building community capabilities through collaborative craft and social activism.

Jessica Floeh 2.jpg

Jessica Floeh

Jessica Floeh is a design research consultant helping healthcare organizations improve patient experiences by applying the human-centered design process.

With 28 years of experience living with Type 1 Diabetes and 10 years of experience in design research, she is especially passionate about addressing the socio-psychological side of chronic illness through design intervention. Jessica is honored to have collaborated within talented healthcare innovation teams — recently as Lead Healthcare Experience Designer at Intel. Her fashion accessory line for women using insulin pumps, Hanky Pancreas, earned her accolades from The Mayo Clinic and Core77 as well as many opportunities to exhibit and speak internationally.

Jessica holds a MFA in Design and Technology from the Parsons School of Design.