• Conference ChairYou are passionate about the industry and excited to bring together the conference, a major portion of Hacking Arts! You will primarily oversee the whole conference team and ensure panels are put together. 
  • Tech Expo Chair: Each year we host an exhibition of various companies and products; you will coordinate the recruitment of companies, artist and startups, and for logistics of this event/space. Last year, we had popular demos from companies such as Jibo.
  • Startup Coordinator: Some amazing startups have launched out of Hacking Arts, it will be your job to showcase them and also to recruit startups to demo during the Exhibition alongside the companies recruited by the Exhibition Chair.  
  • Panel Leads (up to 8): You are passionate about the industry and excited to network to bring in the most innovative and inspiring panelists within that field. Past panel topics are below; however, we enthusiastically encourage you to come up with new panel topics that potentially cross disciplines!
    • Design
    • Fashion
    • Film/TV
    • Gaming
    • Music
    • Performing Arts
    • Virtual Reality
    • Visual Arts



  • Logistics Chair: You will be the Co-Directors' third wheel, turning ideation into action. You have a passion for planning, always see the big picture, and want to secure all the details for this three day event at the MIT Media Lab.  
  • Logistics Lead: You will work closely with the Logistics Chair and are willing to hustle to secure brand partnerships so all attendees are well fed and well taken care of throughout the weekend.
  • VIP Event Coordinator: You will coordinate the VIP event for all our event guests, including panel speakers, keynote speakers, sponsors, and more.
  • Volunteer Chair: You are a people person thrilled about meeting everyone interested in the creative arts. You will recruit and coordinate the volunteer team during the festival weekend, handle shift schedules, and help keep everyone happy and motivated!
  • Performance Coordinator: You will own the recruitment and coordination of artistic and musical performance throughout the three-day conference. In past years we saw amazing performances from Grammy-nominated Ryan Leslie and the Media Lab's Opera of the Future Group and the Brooklyn Ballet in teched-out tutus, among others. 
  • Production Lead:  Ideally you have a theater or performance art background and would be confident in coordinating A/V and lighting for the various panels and events. 



  • Sponsorship Chair: Oversee Sponsorship Leads and also connect with innovative companies who represent ideal Hacking Arts partnerships for hack awards and overall conference sponsorships.
  • Sponsorship Leads and Relationship Managers: You will connect with innovative companies who represent ideal Hacking Arts partnerships for hack awards and overall conference sponsorships.



  • Hackathon Chairs: You will have the opportunity to run a big portion of Hacking Arts. In addition to overseeing the Hackathon Team, you will be responsible for designing the hackathon, coordinating speakers and judges and working with the Sponsorships Chair to determine prizes and awards. 
  • Hackathon team (Mentor & Judges Lead, Workshops Lead, Hardware Lead): You will support the Hackathon Chair in managing the mentors, speakers, or judges, in addition to the planning and execution of the logistics of the event.



  • Marketing Chair: This is a great opportunity to get real hands-on marketing experience. You will manage your own team and budget to make sure everything  is up and running on the social medias, ticket sales, advertising across MIT campus and partner schools in the Boston area.
  • Social Media Lead: Responsible managing all accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook curating content to keep our followers  super-excited before, during and after the event.
  • PR Manager: You are going to be the voice of Hacking Arts. Be first to spread the good news on your blog and local media about confirmed speaker, companies and more.
  • Website / Design Lead:  "A picture is worth a thousand words" and our website is just as important as the event itself. This is the fountain of information everybody come to take a sip. You don't need to master any coding skill since this is all built on Squarespace but good taste and fresh idea is a must. Besides the website, there is a lot of very cool stuff you can for the event to sharpen your creative skills. 


Download the full application deck in PDF format here