2014 Hackathon Winners

Most Creative: Harlequin - Puppeteering the Internet by using technology to capture and recognize the emotions in common body postures (they demo'd this live with a dancer and a Kinect sensor)

Most Disruptive: Street Theater Technology - We want to enhance street theater/performance art with portable technology such as wearable tech to provide ambiance like lighting, sound, projection, etc. in a public space. Also enhance performances in non-traditional spaces not equipped with standard theater tech equipment.

Best Overall Hack: Tomorrow is Another Day - Translate phone data into a piece of physical art (they demo'd this at the event)

Best TV/Film/Digital: luxloop - We want to explore the notion of incorporating interactivity into traditional cinematic language (shot composition, cutting between shots, etc.) resulting in a final video that plays seamlessly, not explicitly indicating to the viewer that they are controlling the content. During the hackathon, we are developing a prototype for exploring an interactive story-based video installation that branches a narrative conversation based on a viewer's (or viewers') position in the room. (They demo'd using a sample video and a Kinect)