Team Registration

Once your team is complete, register it here


Hackathon schedule is here.

Mentor Requests:

We have tons of super experienced, friendly mentors who are willing to give you feedback and help throughout the Hackathon!
Mentor bios can be found here.
To request assistance please use the mentor queue, (Must be on MIT Network)


Most events will occur on the 6th floor of the MIT Media Lab. Team formation will occur in the LIST, the Autodesk workshop will occur in the Martin Trust Center Garage. 


Use “MIT” network

Social Media

  • Twitter: @MITHackingArts


  • Instagram: MITHackingArts

  • Use our hashtag! #HackingArts2016

Hack with some awesome APIs, SDKs, and Hardware including

Hardware Checkout:

We have some awesome hardware and cutting edge technology for your to hack with, but we need your help to make the borrowing process.

  • Hardware checkout begins at Saturday, 6 PM on the 6th floor of Media Lab

  • To check out hardware please submit your stateID/government ID and cell phone number

  • All hardware needs to be returned by 11 PM on Saturday, and can be checked out again at 8 AM Sunday

  • Please be gentle with the equipment as it is borrowed from across the MIT community!



Hack Submissions:

Please submit your final hack to Devpost

Check out example submissions from another hackathon here: