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the future of co-creation

Co-creation is the act of collaboratively creating something—a product, a process, or a possibility—and actively involving the end-users in its development. While ‘co-creation’ has primarily been the purview of the business sector, artists are now collaborating with their ‘customers’ to create work that further resonates with the motivations and emotions of all contributors. Today’s emerging technologies are rewiring the ways we use our creative minds and are dissolving the divide between creator and viewer.

At Hacking Arts 2018, we are calling together creative technologists, artists, innovators, and hackers to redefine collaboration for the future of creative enterprise.  What is the role of the artist and the audience, and therefore what is the role of art? What are the tools and media altering art as we know it? How does interaction between a piece of work and the participant change the meaning of art? How is participatory art impacting business models in the industry? Is art the last frontier for tech, and are we dissolving the space between participant and consumer? If so, what are the new opportunities that emerge as we close the gap?