Designing Resilience

In today's world of tremendous change, uncertainty, and deep divide, how do we—as creatives and designers—conquer our differences, tap into a powerful collective resilience, and bring our humanity to bear? We'll explore the various ways in which each guest speaker designs toward a more (physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially) resilient and more equitable future.


Technology has enabled music artists to interact directly with fans in a more targeted way than ever. With the help of countless sources of data analytics and user information music artists can, and almost need to, customize their messaging and marketing strategy to their consumers. Additionally, even live music events are beginning to show signs of adapting to fan's preferences in order to achieve increased engagement. The panel presents the perspectives of those who develop the technology that enables artists to hyper-engage, demonstrates how the technology has empowered artists to build their careers in unique ways, and explores the future of this technology as well as any potential downsides to this progression. 

Fashion(able) Bodies: Hacking Inclusion

In fashion and the fashion industry, technology can and has broken down barriers to allow greater participation and engagement. In other words, fashion plus technology can grant outsiders citizenship, a DIY kind of citizenship. DIY, or do-it-yourself, connotes a sense of independence as well as a break from traditional avenues to access or achieve something. And citizenship, increasingly relevant and significant in an ever-globalizing world, can no longer be treated simply as a belonging to a given nation state. Within the context and possibilities of enmeshing fashion with technology, these panelists show that by “shaping, changing, and reconstructing selves, worlds, and environments in creative ways can challenge the status quo,” fashion has the ability to inspire “participatory engagement and world-making” (Ratto and Boler 2014: 5, 8).

Arts & AI

This panel aims to create a unique idea space at the intersection of Art, Artificial Intelligence, technology and human perception. Artists, scientists and AI experts bring their own experience and approaches to the table, and probe Art’s dimensions across different media, contexts, and depths.


This panel focuses on the interaction of storytelling and technology. Panelists explore what it means to tell stories with emerging technologies, by both exploring what it means for us to tell stories and then examining how new mediums for storytelling, such as virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI), can enhance or detract from the narrative experience. From discussing whether storytelling is uniquely human to investigating the stories we can tell with bots and user interaction, the panel looks at the role these new technologies will play in both the private and public domains of storytelling in the future.


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