This panel includes artists and choreographers combining interactive digital environments and the use of motion capture with dance and movement arts. The panel discussion will explore many facets of digital interaction with dance, including the use of digital media to critically communicate the present, explore digital expressions of the body, and create new imaginative environments onstage.


It used to be an axiom that anything that we can see/touch/taste/smell/hear must be real. But this is rapidly changing. This panel will explore how artists and companies are building or leveraging augmented/mixed reality technology to alter how we experience each other and the real world around us.


This panel seeks to call attention to the amount of customization now available in clothing and accessories due to wearable technology and innovation in production tools. While traditional apparel companies create for mass production, each of the panelists featured use technology and the customer’s hand to make clothing unique. The panelists will discuss the future of fashion, including the applications of 3D printing, laser cutting, sensors, and advanced textiles to fashion garments and accessories.

Taking virtual storytelling to the next level

This panel focuses on new techniques and technology that make storytelling more immersive and interactive. Industry leaders from animated film, live-action film, and video games will talk about the current challenges they face working in this rapidly changing medium and where they see virtual storytelling headed to in the future.


Our mediatized culture invites us to access and interact with artistic productions and technological objects through play, performance, and participation. This panel will look at how these practices overlap in public, private, and virtual spaces.

From bits to hits: the changing music industry

This panel will look at the future of the music industry as new technology, such as blockchain, comes into play. Innovative technology has certainly transformed the way we listen to music, but can it also help remove barriers between artists, consumers, and transactions, change the way music is distributed, and how creators are compensated?


Tools for making, for learning, for funding, for connecting, and for sharing... How do we build tools with communities of creatives, makers, and entrepreneurs in mind? Where are we going with these tools, and how are these tools shaping the ways we create and do business? We’ll bring industry leaders from Adobe, Autodesk, and Kickstarter together with makers and entrepreneurs from NuVu Studio and SproutsIO to discuss the bigger picture impact of tools for creatives.


The future will not be fabricated, it will be grown! Technologists will no longer be restrained by Moore's law. The saws and screws in our workshops and schools will be replaced with desktop bio-printers. Artists and designers will speculate on the paradigm-shifting applications of this future world. This panel brings together biologists, technologists and artists to discuss the fascinating technologies, applications and philosophies this micro-scale world can offer us.